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Capital Equipment Purchasing Assessment

Request a free assessment of your last capital equipment purchase to discover how much money was left on the table.

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Why should you work with EMTS?

EMTS prides itself on long-standing client partnerships.  A very high percentage of our clients work with us year after year.  Why is that?  Why do our clients stick with us almost indefinitely?

EMTS exists because there is a significant pricing disparity between what different hospitals pay for identical pieces of equipment.  Today, Hospital A pays $1,000,000 for a new CT.  Tomorrow, Hospital B pays $900,000.  The differences are time of year, competitive environment, vendor relationships, purchasing volume – the list goes on and on.  Our clients hire us to make sure they are paying $900K.

Reasons you should be working with EMTS:

  1. Bottom line cost savings - Our mission is to insure that our healthcare clients are receiving the most competitive pricing available on their capital equipment and service contract purchases, saving them on average, 7-9% from their best and final quote.
  2. Extreme Customer Support – Our only client, and our only source of revenue, is the hospital.  We go to great lengths to make sure our clients are happy.  
  3. Pay for Performance Model – EMTS is very motivated to provide our clients with the highest possible savings.  If we provide our clients with savings, we share in that success.  If we do not, we validate your pricing as being the best available, and move on to the next project with no fees due.
  4. No Operational impact – Our services do not impact your operational process in any way.  If fact, we go to great lengths to plug our services into your existing process.  Also, there is very little training and start up time required. 


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Why Choose Us?

Proven Savings

Proven Savings

We save our clients an average of just under 9% of their current capital costs (acquisition and service contracts) from their best quotes.
Performance Button

Pay on Performance

No subscription fees of any kind. Our fees are a percentage of your realized savings.

Reduce Your Workload

Utilize EMTS resources and expertise to reduce your department’s workload.

Timely Process

Our clients dictate the project’s parameters, we have no impact on your clinical choices or operations.

Detailed Metrics

We track all capital purchases and will give you a summary and detailed quarterly report on all purchases reviewed by EMTS.

No Risk Contracts

Our client agreement has a 30 day, no penalty “out-clause”. We like to earn your business every day!
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What Our Clients Say

St. Joe's Case Study

St. Joseph Health Case Study

A Strategic Sourcing Success Story - how EMTS saved St. Joseph Health Millions.

Claim St. Joe's Case Study

Find out how EMTS was able and continues to provide St. Joseph Health with:

  • Capital Equipment pricing within 1% of the nation's best
  • An average of nearly 3.5% total savings on equipment acquisitions
  • Over $4.5 Million in realized savings
  • A streamlined and improved relationship with their vendors
  • And more

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